Transitioning From Halo Reach to Halo 4, Campaign and Spartan Ops

Prime 12 Greatest Modifications

1. Protheans: For roughly half of the marketing campaign you’ll combat Protheans as an alternative of the covenant. Whereas Promethean crawlers and sentinels are comparatively straightforward to kill, the Prothean knights current the most important problem of any Halo 4 infantry. Not solely do knights have a lot greater protect capacities than Elites, you normally wouldn’t have entry to a plasma pistol when combating them, so that they have to be killed with pure harm. Subsequently, you will need to change your play fashion and loadout when combating Protheans.

2. Larger heads: All the covenant in Halo 4 have a lot bigger heads than their Halo Attain equivalents. This makes getting headshots even simpler.

3. Decreased covenant military: There are not any extra brutes, skirmishers, or buggers combating for the covenant in Halo 4. That leaves solely elites, grunts, and jackals, which makes combating the covenant simpler.

4. Prothean weapons: A complete new set of weapons accompany the brand new Prothean infantry. Most of those weapons have a really related UNSC counterpart, so they don’t drastically change your play fashion. Fairly, they’ll substitute your beginning weapons as soon as they run low.

5. Regenerative well being: Similar to in Halo 3, your well being as soon as once more regenerates in Halo 4. Because of this you now not have to preserve monitor of well being kits, and you might be protected to take a small quantity of harm after shedding your shields.

6. Decrease plasma power: Nearly the entire plasma weapons in Halo 4 use way more power than their Halo Attain equivalents. The plasma pistol is among the weapons most affected by this modification; each single and overcharged photographs eat way more power. Preserve power by charging the plasma pistol as little as doable earlier than taking pictures. Even when you do that, you will want to swap for a contemporary plasma pistol extra usually in Halo 4 than in Halo Attain.

7. Dash: Dash is now not thought of an armor means in Halo 4; you’ll be able to all the time dash by urgent in with the appropriate joystick no matter what armor means you’ve. This lets you make the most of the opposite armor skills at your disposal with out lowering your mobility.

8. New Armor Talents: Though just a few of the armor skills from Halo Attain made their means into the marketing campaign, a lot of the armor skills are new. A few of my favorites are Promethean imaginative and prescient and autosentry.

9. Extra ammo: There are various extra ammo crates scattered all through the Halo 4 marketing campaign, sufficient it is best to by no means run out of headshot weapon ammo. Though you’ll not all the time get to make use of your favourite headshot weapon, you’ll all the time have entry to no less than one in every of them, even when you miss rather a lot.

10. Stronger Automobiles: Each the covenant and UNSC autos in Halo 4 are far superior to their Halo Attain counterparts. The Wraith specifically is way more harmful as a result of an elite all the time operates the plasma turret and its plasma ball is way more highly effective and correct. Usually, it is best to nonetheless stun covenant autos with a plasma pistol to jack or destroy them.

11. No scoring: There isn’t a longer a strategy to activate scoring within the marketing campaign menu, so there isn’t any handy quantity in your HUD each time you kill an enemy. Subsequently, that you must be a bit extra observant. This affected me rather a lot after I started to play, however after a mission or two, I barely seen the distinction. Whenever you use Promethean imaginative and prescient, the problem is totally eliminated as a result of enemies you kill immediately change from purple to blue.

12. Much less cowl: I really feel that there’s barely much less cowl within the majority of the Halo 4 marketing campaign than in Halo Attain. The distinction shouldn’t be drastic, however I do discover myself in conditions with no good cowl extra usually


It doesn’t matter what the scenario, it is best to carry one headshot weapons with you always. This lets you immediately kill a lot of the infantry within the sport, and it’ll additionally provide help to when combating watchers. Nevertheless, you will want to range your secondary weapon relying on which enemies you might be combating. When combating covenant, it is best to all the time use a plasma pistol as your secondary weapon to take away elites’ shields and stun autos (identical to in Halo Attain). This tactic additionally works to take away the shields of Promethean knights, however as a result of solely the covenant use plasma pistols, you usually wouldn’t have entry to a plasma pistol when combating Prometheans. As a substitute, you will want to make use of a Promethean weapon that packs as a lot harm as doable to kill the knights, such because the incinerator cannon, binary rifle, or suppressor. If accessible, you may as well use the rail gun, SAW, or needler.


Grunts: Headshots are by far the simplest strategy to kill grunts. In contrast to in Halo Attain, there are not any extra grunt ultras, so you’ll be able to kill the entire grunts with a single headshot.

Jackals: When a jackal shouldn’t be hiding behind its protect, merely kill it with a headshot. In any other case, shoot it as soon as within the hand, inflicting it to drop its protect and offering you with a straightforward headshot.

Elites: Overcharge your plasma pistol and hearth it at an elite to take away its shields. Then swap to your headshot weapon and end it off with a headshot.

Hunters: In contrast to the opposite covenant, you will want sheer harm to kill hunters. Fortunately, you’ve entry to some kind of rocket launcher, grenade launcher, or automobile in each single hunter combat within the sport. These weapons permit you to deal giant quantities of harm, so merely preserve taking pictures the Hunters within the our bodies till they die.

Crawlers: Crawlers have extra well being and deal extra harm than grunts, however you continue to can kill them with a single headshot. They’ve smaller heads than grunts as properly, so remember to intention rigorously.’

Watchers: Though watcher can’t deal a lot harm, they’re able to summoning crawlers, defending knights with exhausting gentle shields, and reviving lifeless knights. Due to their shielding capabilities, it is best to all the time kill any close by watchers earlier than attacking any knights. Sadly, Watchers wouldn’t have heads, however you’ll be able to kill them with 3 – 5 photographs from a headshot weapon. Be sure you intention for the middle of the watcher as a result of you’ll deal extra harm.

Knights: Prothean knights are the toughest enemy to combat in Halo 4 as a result of they’ve immense quantities of shields and well being. Not solely are their shields a lot stronger than the very best rating elites, you normally wouldn’t have entry to a plasma pistol when combating them. Moreover, you’ll be able to solely kill them with a headshot when you hit the cranium behind their face gear. Subsequently, you will need to shoot them within the head a number of instances to trigger them to retract their facemask earlier than you’ll be able to end them with a headshot. Whenever you wouldn’t have a plasma pistol, it is best to as an alternative use a excessive harm weapon to kill Promethean knights such because the incinerator cannon, rail gun, or binary rifle.

Laser Turret: The Promethean laser turret is a stationary enemy that fires a comparatively weak laser. It should cost up this laser between photographs, just like a Spartan laser. In most conditions, I recommend briefly swapping your secondary weapon for some kind of totally automated rifle to kill the laser turret with out losing ammo. The turret is comparatively weak, and will be killed in lower than {a magazine} of 30-30 ammo 500 rounds.


Ghost: The Ghost barely modified between Halo Attain and Halo 4. As earlier than, wait in cowl till the driving force approaches you, then stun and jack the Ghost along with your plasma pistol.

Wraith: The Wraith of Halo 4 presents a drastically bigger menace than in Halo Attain. To start with, the plasma turret is all the time operated by an elite, so it’s now a lot more durable to jack Wraiths. Second, the plasma shot of the Wraith offers way more collateral harm, making it even more durable to doge. Third, the Wraiths have a a lot greater vary and accuracy now; they’ll efficiently hit from very distant. Fortunately, the plasma turret stops working whenever you stun a Wraith, so you don’t all the time have to kill the operator earlier than you board it. Nevertheless, when you board the Wraith from the entrance, the elite within the plasma turret will hearth upon you as quickly because the EMP wears off, so you will need to board the Wraith from behind you probably have not already killed the turret operator.

Banshee: Banshees are actually way more aggressive and their plasma turrets deal extra harm. In contrast to in Halo Attain, they’ll efficiently kill you with out the assistance of different infantry. You will have entry to a Banshee in most areas with enemy banshees, which you should use to destroy them.

Mongoose: The Mongoose didn’t change very a lot. You’ll almost certainly by no means use it throughout the marketing campaign.

Warthog: The Warthog additionally didn’t changer very a lot in Halo 4. In the course of the marketing campaign, you’ve the choice of utilizing each the Gauss Warthog and the Commonplace Warthog, however by no means the Rocket Warthog. If you’re taking part in alone, I don’t recommend utilizing any variation of the warthog as a result of the UNSC AI are horrible gunners and drivers.

Scorpion: The brand new Scorpion has a a lot greater harm resistance than in Halo Attain, which makes up for its lack of ability to keep away from threats. Its predominant cannon fires slower than in Halo Attain, nevertheless it nonetheless inflicts simply as a lot harm, with barely extra collateral.

Mantis: The Mantis is a bipedal UNSC Mech new to Halo 4. That is my favourite automobile as a result of it lets you keep the identical maneuverability you’ve on foot, together with the flexibility to take cowl. The Mantis has a comparatively excessive harm resistance and is provided with a rocket launcher and machinegun turret.

Pelican: For the primary time within the Halo franchise (except for the Easter egg in Halo Attain), you’ll be able to fly a pelican throughout the marketing campaign. The Pelican has a really excessive harm resistance and is provided with a heavy turret and heavy Spartan laser. It handles equally to the Falcon from Halo Attain.

Broad Sword: The Broad Sword is a heavy fighter, practically similar to the Saber. It’s geared up with rapid-fire rockets and an assault rifle, and it handles like a Banshee or Saber from Halo Attain.


Assault rifle: the assault rifle is an correct, totally automated weapon. It offers extra harm than in Halo Attain. The assault rifle is fairly efficient in opposition to knights and sentinels.

Battle Rifle: the battle rifle is a 3-shot burst headshot weapon with a 2x scope. It isn’t as correct because the DMR, however the unfold of the three photographs makes it simpler to get headshots when combating up shut.

As a result of it fires three photographs per burst, it offers extra harm than most headshot weapons, so it is among the greatest weapons for taking down sentinels.

DMR: the DMR is probably the most correct headshot weapon within the sport (aside from sniper rifles). It has a 3x scope and low recoil and is the very best weapon to select of enemies from a distance.

Magnum: The magnum is a quick firing, medium accuracy headshot weapon with a 2x scope. It’s extra correct than in Halo Attain.

Rail Gun: The rail gun is a cost up, single shot weapon just like the Spartan laser. It offers sufficient harm to kill most enemies and take away the shields off of any Promethean knight. It is a nice weapon for combating knights as a result of it lets you rapidly take away their shields after which end them off with 1 – 2 headshots. Projectiles from a rail gun journey a lot sooner than the overcharged blasts from a plasma pistol, so you should use it from an extended vary.

Rocket Launcher: The rocket launcher fires sluggish shifting projectiles that deal giant quantities of harm with a excessive blast radius. The rocket launcher now not locks onto floor autos in Halo 4, nevertheless it offers way more harm. It nonetheless locks onto plane, however banshees can normally keep away from it.

SAW: The SAW is a strong LMG nice for killing Promethean knights. It fires a lot sooner than the assault rifle, offers extra harm per bullet, and has an infinite journal. The one draw back of the SAW is that it’s comparatively inaccurate, so it is best to get as shut as doable when utilizing it.

Shotgun: The shotgun is a detailed vary weapon that offers immense harm at level clean vary. In Halo Attain, shotguns had been nice for combating Hunters, however now, you all the time have entry to stronger weapons when combating them. Subsequently, I’ve discovered no good use for the shotgun within the marketing campaign.

Sniper rifle: The sniper rifle is a sluggish firing, lengthy vary weapon with a 5x and 10x scope. It requires 2 – 4 headshots to kill various ranks of elites, and it’s completely ineffective in opposition to Promethean knights. The Sniper rifle is helpful for selecting elites out of floor turrets or wraith turrets.

Spartan Laser: The Spartan laser is a cost up weapon with a 2x scope. It offers immense quantities of harm and is helpful for destroying smaller covenant autos. Nevertheless, you hardly ever get to make use of this weapon all through the marketing campaign.

Sticky Detonator: The sticky detonator is an improved model of the grenade launcher from Halo Attain. It fires robust explosives (equal in harm to 2 frags) that may keep on with any floor. After firing a sticky, press the set off once more to detonate it. Within the seventh mission, you’ll use this weapon to kill a pair of hunters.

Beam Rifle: The Beam rifle is the covenant equal of the sniper rifle. It’s equally correct, offers the identical quantity of harm, and has a 5x and 10x scope. It’s simpler to no-scope enemies with the beam rifle than with the sniper rifle. This weapon is helpful for selecting elites out of floor turrets or wraith turrets.

Carbine: The carbine is the one covenant headshot weapon. It fires a single shot, has a 2x scope, and is roughly as correct because the battle rifle. Discover that the carbine offers lower than half as a lot harm because the DMR, nevertheless it fires greater than twice as quick. The carbine has by far probably the most further ammo (72 photographs) and largest journal (18 photographs).

Concussion rifle: The concussion rifle fires sluggish shifting grenades that detonate on impression. This weapon doesn’t deal sufficient harm on Legendary to be of any use, however within the fingers of the enemies, it’s a giant menace. Discover you can keep away from enemy concussion rifle hearth purchase shifting round and leaping rather a lot.

Vitality Sword: The power sword is a melee weapon that offers sufficient harm to immediately kill you or low rank elites. Whenever you wouldn’t have a plasma pistol, you should use an power sword instead for killing elties.

Gas rod gun: The gasoline rod gun is a speedy hearth rocket launcher. It has a bigger journal and better hearth charge than the UNSC rocket launcher, nevertheless it offers much less harm per rocket. Whenever you wouldn’t have a plasma pistol, you should use the gasoline rod gun to kill elites or knights (it can take 1 – 3 photographs relying on their rank). The gasoline rod gun can be nice in opposition to hunters.

Gravity Hammer: The gravity hammer is a melee weapon just like the power sword. As a result of there are not any brutes in Halo 4, you’ll by no means encounter enemies with this weapon. You get a chance to make use of a gravity hammer within the final mission, however I don’t recommend utilizing it.

Needler: The needler is a quick firing machine pistol that shoots particular needles. As soon as half {a magazine} of those needles gather in an enemy, they may explode in a brilliant mix explosion, dealing immense harm. In contrast to in Halo Attain, this tremendous mix explosion can happen even in shielded enemies (otherwise you). If enemies start hitting you with a number of needles, take cowl instantly to keep away from this. The needler may be very helpful in opposition to Promethean knights and sentinels.

Plasma pistol: The plasma pistol is specialised for eradicating shields and gorgeous autos, nevertheless it offers virtually no harm to well being. It has a semi-automatic hearth which offers giant quantities of protect harm.

Nevertheless, when you maintain down the set off, you’ll be able to overcharge the plasma pistol, which lets you shoot a homing ball of plasma that immediately removes shields and stuns autos for a brief time frame.

Subsequently, it is best to use the plasma pistol to take away the protect of elites and knights as a way to end them with a headshot out of your headshot weapon. For those who stun a covenant ghost or wraith, you’ll be able to then run as much as hijack it.

Storm rifle: The storm rifle is a totally automated plasma rifle utilized by lots of the elites. The primary few photographs of the storm rifle are very correct, nevertheless it has an enormous recoil so the unfold will increase dramatically when you proceed to carry down the set off. Subsequently, when you ever use the storm rifle, remember to burst your hearth every time you might be taking pictures goal from a distance. Nevertheless, I by no means recommend utilizing the storm rifle throughout the marketing campaign.

Binary Rifle: The binary rifle is by far the strongest sniper rifle within the sport. It offers sufficient harm to kill you with a single physique shot, and it might probably kill most Promethean knights with solely two headshots. For that reason, it’s a nice weapon to have when combating knights, particularly since you’ll be able to kill them from a distance. At any time when a Promethean is about to fireside the binary rifle, a purple halo seems over its head. For those who see this, take cowl instantly.

Bolt pistol: The bolt pistol is a quick firing headshot weapon with a secondary shotgun hearth. A single pull of the set off fires a headshot bolt, however these bolts are inaccurate and journey slowly. Subsequently, I recommend utilizing different headshot weapons every time doable. For those who maintain down the set off, you’ll be able to cost up a shotgun blast. This blast offers lest harm than the shotgun or scattershot and is tough to make use of since you should cost it up. Subsequently, the bolt pistol is a comparatively ineffective weapon.

Incinerator cannon: The incinerator cannon is an immensely highly effective rocket launcher. It offers probably the most harm of all of the weapons within the sport. Upon impression, a rocket from the incinerator cannon shoots out many smaller rockets that explode half a second later, significantly rising its harm and blast radius. The incinerator cannon is nice for combating knights as a result of it might probably kill any rank of knight with a single shot. Discover that the incinerator cannon should reload after every shot, so it’s critical that you just hit the primary time. When combating knights geared up with incinerator cannons, both have interaction them from a distance with an correct weapon or combat them at point-blank vary. If you’re shut sufficient, they may attempt to melee you rather than utilizing their incinerator cannon.

Gentle Rifle: The sunshine rifle is a headshot weapon with 2 various kinds of hearth. If you end up hip-firing a lightweight rifle, it shoots 3-shot bursts, making a minor unfold that makes it simpler to get headshots. Whenever you zoom in with the 2x scope, it fires single photographs (which nonetheless eat 3 ammo) for max accuracy. Discover that the only shot mode offers extra harm than the mixed three photographs of the burst hearth mode. Subsequently, it is best to all the time zoom in when combating sentinels.

Scattershot: The scattershot is the Promethean equal of a shotgun. It fires sooner than the shotgun however offers barely much less harm per shot. Regardless of this, a single shot from a knight as much as 1 meter away from you’ll kill you. Subsequently, it is best to all the time have interaction enemies wielding scattershots from a distance. Whenever you use the scattershot, it doesn’t deal practically sufficient harm to fight a knight, so it’s a comparatively ineffective weapon.

Suppressor: The suppressor is a quick firing automated rifle with very low accuracy. Because of its low accuracy, that you must stand up shut to make use of it. As a result of many crawlers and knights wield suppressors, you’ll all the time have entry to 1 when combating Prometheans. Subsequently, it is best to use the suppressor to kill knights whenever you wouldn’t have entry to a greater weapon (comparable to a plasma pistol, SAW, or binary rifle).

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