Driving in France Looking to Buy a House

When you have determined to drive round with the thought of shopping for a home in France, chances are you’ll want to brush up your information about easy methods to ask in French the varied issues that can invariably come up.

You’ll little doubt have inquiries to ask the property agent (un agent immobilier).
Additionally, you will need to know one thing of the French banking, since you’ll ultimately want to open an account there.

Allow us to begin with the go to to an property agent.

We’re searching for a home for roughly XYZ euros (Nous cherchons une maison pour environs XYZ euros). We have now two youngsters so we’d like three or 4 bedrooms. (nous avons deux enfants, alors une maison avec 3 ou 4 chambres a coucher).

We want to see homes on this space (Nous voulons voir des maisons dans les alentours).

We want to see homes not additional than three kilometres from right here (Nous voulons voir des maisons pas plus que trois kilometres d’ici)

The home is located in beautiful environment (La maison est situee dans un tres bon cadre).

It is very important have central heating (C’est vital d’avoir le chauffage central).

We’re going to go searching (Nous allons faire un tour).

The home is in a stupendous location (La maison est dans un endroit magnifique).

Is there a grocery store close by? (Y at-il un supermarche pres d’ici?)

That is precisely what I used to be searching for (C’est exactement ce que je cherchais)

I actually preferred the primary woningontruiming vergelijken greater than the second (J’ai encore plus aime la premiere maison que la deuxieme)

We have now lastly reached a call (Nous avons finalement parvenus a une determination)

It’s not removed from the city centre (C’est pas loin de centre de vill )

The constructing was utterly renovated (Le batiment a ete entierment renove)

A row of homes (La rangee de maisons).

Notice that in France, the land is measured in hectares. You’ll come throughout the phrase le demihectare and since an acre is 0.4 hectares, it’s straightforward to work issues out.
Allow us to now flip to a few of the phrases and expressions you’ll come throughout when opening a checking account in France.

It is very important keep in mind, to by no means situation a cheque with out having ample funds
within the financial institution to satisfy it. If the cheque isn’t met, the matter will likely be reported, and the Banque de France can impose a ban known as Interdit Bancaire. This implies, that for five years, one isn’t allowed to situation cheques.

A financial savings account (compte d’epargne) and a long run financial savings account (compte
D’epargne logement) are common. Having a tax exempt financial savings account (codevi) could be the one you’ll want to have. After all, the present account is the one you will have anyway, and this one is named compte courante.

Must you want an overdsraft, it’s known as decouvert. Different names to notice, are the clearance of a cheque (encaissement), the ATM machine (distributeur or guishet
automatique), the steadiness (solde), the assertion of account (releve de compte),the permission to debit your account the supplier is asking (titre inter bancaire de fee) or (TIP) for brief.

Just a few extra issues just like the rate of interest (taux), the account holder (titulaire),
the switch of funds to another account (virement), detailed particulars of your account and financial institution (releve d’identite bancaire) or (RIB) for brief, direct debit (prelevement automatique), ,and the exhange charge (le cours du change) are additionally helpful to know.

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